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  • Rebecca Murphey

    Rebecca Murphey

    Engineering Manager @ Stripe. Based in Durham, NC.

  • Will Ho

    Will Ho

    Machine Learning Engineer by day, Self-hosting Addict by night. Follow me @ ikarus.sg for the latest updates.

  • Tobias Stone

    Tobias Stone

    Writing about politics, history, and society. An outsider's view on the USA, insider's view on the UK, and cautious optimist. www.tswriting.co @ts_writing

  • Beam


    A new way to collect your thoughts and experience the internet

  • Tom Gambill

    Tom Gambill

    Software Engineer by trade, World Traveler at heart! And also: sailboats, fish tanks, nature, family, startups…

  • Stephen Cross

    Stephen Cross

    A web developer for 25+ year. Drupal developer, podcaster and Linux enthusiast.

  • KevDoy


    Visual & Web Designer. https://kevdoy.com

  • Vega D

    Vega D

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