The Best PC is The One You Have….or Homebrew?

Time for a little tale.

When I was growing up, I didn’t have the money for a computer. My mom and I shared a super chunky Gateway laptop until our little family had enough money to buy a dedicated desktop for the family. Though I was born in the early 90s and didn’t get to lay claim to experiencing the cool days of learning to program BASIC etc, I did get to eventually learn Linux later on via awesome communities. More on that later.

A Walk Through Memory Lane

It wasn’t until I had more powerful electronics that I tried homebrewing everything, but I had fun memories of doing some mods to my PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS. Many hours were poured into seeing what cool applications from various homebrew marketplaces would run on modified or exploited gaming hardware, not to mention the various hours I poured into Halo/Legend of Zelda/Mario games as a kid. I recall even using my Wii to make our printer wireless at one point, using the Homebrew Channel and some apps…though I can’t remember what I ran to do it.

image by @felipepelaquim on unsplash

Modern Day Consoles Aren’t The Same

Nowadays it seems that there are less reasons to own a console. Back in the days of the PS1-PS3 and Xbox to Xbox 360, consoles were a custom bit of kit. Custom processors and boards made for the sole purpose of running games well. Yes, you could get barebones Linux running on a thicc PS2, or homebrew a PS3 to run Yellow Dog in a custom form, but these days…these days consoles are just PCs. PCs that lock you into the ecosystems of Microsoft or Sony. Do you buy your games digitally? Well, you’ll only ever be able to play those on the console you bought them for unless you have something like Game Pass or subscribe to a cloud gaming service.

I love Linux and tinkering with all things fun